* Discounts

FREE Physical exam for one pet only ( new clients only )

Police, Fire, Military Discount

25% off, for men and women in service to others. Just flash your ID.

Good Neighbor Discount

If you and at least one neighbor schedule back to back house calls on the same day, you’ll each get 20% off!

Senior Citizen Discount

20% off if you’re 65 or over. ID may be requested if you look too young.

Multiple Pet Discount

If you have 2 or more pets that will need attention on the same visit, you’ll get 15% off

Student Discount

20% off for part-time and full-time college students, ID required.

Pet Industry Discount

Are you a groomer, dog-walker or pet-sitter? Do you work for a veterinary hospital, pet store, boarding facility or dog trainer? If your job revolves around pets, you’ll get 20% off, just provide proof!

These offers cannot be combined

* No discount (underline) for the following:
For travel fee, for products left at your home, e.g. FOOD, flea and tick products.
For pharmaceuticals, e.g. heartworm prevention, medications
For outsourced services e.g. bloodwork sent to lab, outside specialist
Discounts are for in-house medical services only e.g. exam, vaccines

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A German Shepherd called Max of Pangoula could jump as high as 11 feet and 5 inches. Max's record was broken by another dog called "Young Sabre", who jumped 3 more inches--11 feet and 8 inches.

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